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Download MAGIC update for MAC

To download your update of Practice MAGIC, you will need 230 Kilabytes of free hard disk space, an empty formatted floppy disk, and the program STUFF-IT EXPANDER, STUFF-IT,  or STUFF-IT LIGHT to unpack the MAGIC file after downloading it to your MAC. (If you do not have any of the STUFF-IT programs, you can download the expander for free from: where you can download a FREE copy of "STUFFIT EXPANDER")   Before continuing with this download and installation, be sure that there is a MAGIC folder on your hard drive that was created by an earlier version of  Practice MAGIC  or by the  Practice MAGIC  Demo (and be sure you know how to find it).  If not, first download and install the  Practice MAGIC  Demo from To begin downloading, click on " macup3.sit " below. An archive file called "MACUP3.SIT"  or "OSXUP3.SIT" will be downloaded to your computer to the location of your choice. Use STUFF-IT EXPANDER to unpack the entire file.   IF YOU CAN NOT FIND THE FILE YOU DOWNLOADED, hold the apple key down and press "F" which will activate the search utility that will enable you to find the file, MAGICUP3.SIT or OSXUP3.SIT, depending on which you downloaded.  Finally double-click on the ICON of the unstuffed file to open it if you need to and then drag the application file Practice MAGIC onto the MAGIC folder in your hard disk. DO NOT DRAG the FOLDER.  (IF you are unclear about the distinction between a file and a folder, it would be adviseable to solicit assistance from someone you know who is more knowledgeable about computers.) If you accidentally double click on  the application file Practice MAGIC (or Practice MAGICOSX or  Practice MAGICCLASSIC) it will open and tell you that the update can not be run by itself or that there is a userdata file missing or ask you if this is the first time running Practice MAGIC, and then it will terminate.  Once you have dragged the application file Practice MAGIC (or Practice MAGICOSX or  Practice MAGICCLASSIC) to your MAGIC folder you may be warned that you are replacing an older file with a newer one, to which you should respond OK.  Your new program will then be installed in your MAGIC folder, and you will run Practice MAGIC as always by double-clicking on the icon of the Practice MAGIC program file (after opening if necessary the MAGIC folder). If you have followed these directions, your new Practice MAGIC  program will recognize all the information you have previously entered.

If you are updating your existing Practice MAGIC program to the new CMS-1500 version of the progam follow the above instructions for downloading and unstuffing, and then, after you unstuff the downloaded file, drag ONLY the program file "Practice MAGIC OSX" or "Practice MAGIC Classic"to the "MAGIC" folder already on your desktop, and then the files "CMS1500.FRM" and "CMSALT.FRM" from the INFO folder in the unstuffed folder to the INFO folder that is in the "MAGIC" folder already on your desktop.

Download: macup3.sit (230 Kb).
Last updated: January 17, 2007.

Download update for OSX operating system: osxup3.sit (591 Kb).
Last updated: January 17, 2007.