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By Philip Manfield, Ph.D.









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Dr. Manfield can be reached by telephone at 510-849-9411 or 925-944-0805, or by email at pem49.jpg (15594 bytes) (begins "pem")

27 Full-SessionVideos on JFK Univesity EMDR Video Site:

The Clinical Videos site has been created by JFK University for licensed clinicians and interns. Several ideosyncracies are important to note: most important is that JFK's website is set up for on-line courses so the JFK site refers to this video site as a “course,” so every time you see "course," read "videos." If you are registering from an address outside the USA, you should ignore the box that asks you to enter your “state” and instead simply enter your country in the place provided just below it. Once you have registered (which costs $50 for unlimited 90 days' access) you will be provided with a password, which you will need to type in each time you go to the JFKU site in the future. FROM THE HOME SCREEN, THERE WILL BE A LITTLE TAB AT THE TOP THAT SAYS, WHAT ELSE, "COURSES." This tab will take you to a second page that will allow you to click on the videos "course."

You can access the website by clicking on the following link:


There are currently no EMDR CE credits available throught the JFK site, but some of the videos will be converted to on-line courses in the near future to permit visitors to earn CE credits (which will be paid for separately).

Free EMDR Videos: For technical reasons there are problems with following a link from this site to the free site. If you'd like to access the free EMDR videos, EXIT this site and go directly to www.emdrvideo.com.

Philip Manfield, PhD

Books by Dr. Manfield can be ordered from this page or through major book vendors:

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EMDR Up Close. provides a rare opportunity to get inside the mind of a talented and experienced EMDR therapist as he works with both straightforward and complex therapeutic challenges. Dr. Manfield provides verbatim transcripts with commentary at each choice point that explains why he chooses to use one intervention over another, what cues he is attending to, and what language he employs for his interventions. This book would be valuable for both beginning and seasoned EMDR therapists. It will assist newly trained therapists in developing their capacity to understand how to handle the challenges that inevitably arise during EMDR sessions. It would also be valuable for advanced practitioners because it would expose them to Dr. Manfield’s elaborations and refinements of Francine Shapiro’s brilliant protocol.

Lewis Engel, PhD is an EMDR Consultant, Contibutor to EMDR Casebook, and author of Imaginary Crimes: Why We Punish Ourselves and How to Stop

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What I most enjoyed about this book is the sense that I was listening to a master clinician, and watching him put all of his skills to work in the service of EMDR. Basically, watching a lifetime of experience.  It is more complete on this topic (resourcing) than anything else I am aware of. I will be recommending it as a primary source on resource development. - Robert Tinker, PhD, Co-author with Sandra Wilson, PhD: Through the Eyes of a Child: EMDR with Children, (W.W.Norton, 1999)

A Portuguese language version is also available.

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This volume opens the door and allows us to view the practices of a diverse group of seasoned EMDR clinicians.  EMDR Casebook allows readers to consider the implications of an integrated, focused therapeutic approach to the treatment of a wide range of often resistant pathologies. It also extends an open invitation to readers to further expand the EMDR knowledge-base in terms of both innovative theoretical and preactical applications." - Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.

"I found this to be a highly readable volume and recommend it to clinicians interested in using EMDR for an expanding range of patient concerns." - Donnah Nickerson-Reiti, M.D., in Psychiatric Services

(A German language version of Extending EMDR entitled, Innovative EMDR - Ansatze, is now available from Junfermann Publishers).   You can order or find out more about Extending EMDR or EMDR Casebook by clicking here on |
Extending EMDR  

"Extending EMDR is an important and necessary addition to the library of any clinician using EMDR." - David A. Console, M.D., The Menninger Foundation, Topeka, Kansas.

"This volume offers a vivid picture of the practice and expanding range of applications (of EMDR)." - Paul Wachtel, Ph.D., City U. of N. Y.

"This rich complexity makes for a volume that can be instructive in helping to define the very process and parameters of change." - Francine Shapiro, Ph.D.




Split Self, Split Object)

"Dr. Manfield's book is nothing less than a masterwork of clinical teaching. ...It is a real gift to mental health professionals and to the people they serve." - Stephen M. Johnson, Ph.D., author of Humanizing the Narcissistic Style and Character Styles.

"Split Self/ Split Object is a brilliant and highly readable book." - Jeffrey Seinfeld, Ph.D., author of The Empty Core.



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"The essays in this book, written by the most prominent psychotherapists today, are taken from their seminal works. Divided into two parts, this resourceful collection covers basic issues that come up in every therapy and addresses specific situations for the psychotherapist, counselor, pyschiatrist, psychoanalyst, student and layperson." - Editorial Review



Dr. Manfield can be reached by telephone at 510-849-9411 or 925-944-0805 pem49.jpg (15594 bytes).


EMDR Distant Learning Courses:

6 hours of Distant Learning Courses will be available at this site, 3 of Resourcing for Working with Attachment Disorders (Dyadic Resourcing) and 3 of Advanced EMDR Technique (EMDR UP Close) EMDEIA Ad Ver 4.crop.jpg (183632 bytes)

These are currently awaiting approval from the EMDRIA Standards and Training Committee