N. CAL. EMDR Regional Meeting
pril 12, 2008 at Oakland's Preservation Park





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Janina Fisher, Ph.D.

Minding the Body:

Somatic Interventions for Enhancing EMDR Effectiveness

While most of our clients respond to EMDR treatments with ease and surprising success, others are inexplicably resistant or become flooded, numb, sleepy, or blocked.   Faced with the client who cannot tolerate affect, who becomes overwhelmed by traumatic targets, who  cannot stay grounded, manage self-destructive impulses, differentiate past and present experience, or create a Safe Place inside—is there  any way  that EMDR can be helpful?


The answer is, “Yes.”   Fortunately, the use of simple body-centered interventions drawn from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy to modulate autonomic arousal and address somatically-driven trauma responses can often make EMDR treatments accessible even for blocked, de-stabilized and dissociative clients.

            This workshop will introduce a conceptual model for understanding how EMDR treatments can be made more effective even with dysregulated clients and will offer a “crash course” in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, a body-centered talking therapy developed specifically   to treat post-traumatic symptoms.  Participants will be taught simple, body-centered interventions that can be easily woven into both trauma processing and Resource Development protocols.  Using lecture, videotape, session demonstration and practice opportunities, the workshop will offer EMDR therapists the chance to integrate these simple but effective approaches into their clinical practice.


               Date:  April 12, 2008

Instructor:   Janina Fisher, Ph.D.

         EMDRIA-Approved Credit Provider,

               Faculty, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

Bentley College

Waltham, MA

This facility is in compliance with the American with Disabilities Act.

If special accommodation is required, please contact Maxine Trent at mtrent@hot.rr.com

EMDRIA approval for 6 EMDRIA CE credits applied for

CEUs for LCSWs, and LMFTs also available for an additional charge of $5


Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

          Diagnose blocks to effective EMDR treatment

          Describe body-centered interventions for regulating autonomic arousal

          Integrate body-centered strategies into EMDR trauma processing

          Increase effectiveness of resource development strategies in preparation for EMDR trauma processing


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