EMDR Mini-conference
pril 30 and May 1, 2005 at Oakland's Preservation Park





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Best Foot Forward: An EMDR-related protocol for empowerment using
somatosensory and visual priming of resource experiences

Krystyna Kinowsk, Ph.D.

This workshop will introduce participants to a one-session, positive
procedure useful in the early stages of EMDR therapy. Best Foot Forward is a
structured protocol that helps clients find sources of support, stability,
and encouragement from their own implicit experiences. Rather than asking
direct questions, BFF uses visual projections from a body position that the
client senses holds promise for responding proactively to a recurrent
problem. As images pop up, they are processed to strengthen their affective
and physical power. These form the basis for a new cognition. Finally, the
resource imagery is combined with titrated exposures to a triggering
situation to see if the client's body can remain stable. This promotes
processing that is more confident, expansive, or completely novel, both in
the BFF session and in subsequent therapy.

This workshop will review the eight stages in BFF with videotape of actual
therapy sessions. Participants can follow with hard copy of the 4-page
protocol. Findings from the analyzed database will be presented, as well as
some neurophysiological conjectures about the protocol's unexpected
treatment effects. BFF has a low risk profile. It may be used prior to
standard EMDR in trauma work, or for stress-related, stuck functioning
connected to many diagnoses."


Krystyna Kinowski:

Krystyna Kinowski is a licensed psychologist with a background in graduate
teaching, formal psychological assessments, and wide-ranging clinical
experience over the past 30 years. She has an independent practice in
Victoria, BC where she specializes in psychotherapy for both children and
adults. She received her doctorate in Applied Psychology from the University
of Toronto in 1985 and has three prior degrees. Her training and experience
meet the supplemental criteria for listing with the Canadian Register of
Health Service Providers in Psychology. Her EMDR experience began in 1994
and she became EMDRIA certified in 2001. Her theoretical orientation is
Object Relations Theory, her assessment focus is information processing for
executive functions, and her general approach in psychotherapy is

Krystyna's current interest, some would say obsession, is the
neurophysiology of mental health and the positive affects, and ways to tap
into these using the wisdom of the body. This evolved from developing a
somatosensory EMDR protocol and being thoroughly perplexed by its results.
The protocol came to be called Best Foot Forward. It was first presented at
the EMDRIA conference in 2002, then at the 2003 EMDR European Conference in
Rome, EMDRAC 2003 in Toronto, and again in longer workshops in San
Francisco, Boulder, Berkeley, Olympia, and San Diego. Krystyna is an
approved EMDRIA Credit Provider #03007."

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