EMDR Mini-conference
pril 30 and May 1, 2005 at Oakland's Preservation Park





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EMDR & Psycho-somatic Dissociation

 Judy Lightstone, MA, MS, LMFT



               This course will survey the entire dissociative continuum and present

several ways that aspects of the EMDR and it’s alternate protocols can

be tapped when working with people who split mind from body, and/or

mind from mind into dissociative states.

                In particular, we will learn about the dissociative aspects of acute

and chronic PTSD, borderline personality, eating,*somatization, and

psychosomatic disorders as well the major dissociative disorders. The

workshop will teach techniques for discerning appropriate targets by

"entering the trance" and listening to and decoding the presenting

symptoms. We will consider ways that BLS can enhance integration, as

well as some of the risks of using the full EMDR protocol with highly

dissociative individuals. In particular, we will focus on developing a

repertoire for building somatic resources and for engaging in

sophisticated ego state work. We will touch lightly upon EMDR as well

as RDI, BFF, DNMS, LI, IN, SP (that means sensorimotor psychotherapy

–but you know about all those other initials, right?!*) and feminist

object relations theory for their applications to these populations.

?! *RDI – Andrew Leeds’ Resource Development Installation; BFF -

Krystyna Kinowski’s Best Food Forward; DNMS – Shirley Jean Schmidt’s

Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy; LI – Peggy Pace’s Lifespan

Integration; and IN – April Steele’s Imaginal Nurturing.



 Judy Lightstone, MA, MS, MFT is a licensed Marriage and Family

Therapist in practice in Berkeley and has been specializing in working

with severe trauma for the past 21 years. She is a certified EMDRIA

clinician and consultant-in-training and has been providing training

and consultation for psychotherapists nationally on working with severe

trauma survivors, dissociation and eating disorders since 1986. She has

two masters degrees, one from NYU and one form CSU at Hayward and

received 5 years of post graduate training in feminist object relations

applications to eating problems at the Women's Therapy Centre Institute

in New York City. She is the author of the Workbook and Training Manual

on Working with Dissociation(1992), and her article Compulsive Eating

and Dissociationappears in volume 5 (4) of the 2004 issue of the

Journal of Trauma and Dissociation* (see below). She is director of

Helping the Helpers,** which offers more in depth training for

therapists and is certified bythe California Board of Behavioral

Sciences(PCE #3370) to provideMandatory Continuing EducationtoLMFTs and



*This article can be downloaded at



**These programs can be seen at



Workshop Objectives:

 Participants will:

 •  Get an overview of the dissociative continuum and understand the

dissociative processes that drive PTSD, borderline personality, eating,

somatization, and psychosomatic disorders as well as the major

dissociative disorders.

 •  Review the many EMDR resource-building derivatives and learn their

application to intervening in dissociation

 •  Develop a more sophisticated understanding of ego state work and

feminist object relations principles and how they can be applied to

work with dissociative individuals

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