N. California EMDRIA Regional Meeting
March 23, 2013 at Oakland's Preservation Park





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Title: Using EMDR AIP methods to treat adult clients with comples PTSD - Some Basics

Presenter: JIM KNIPE

Brief summary:

Typically, clients come to therapy with a mixed presentation, not only of
difficult life experiences (big T and little t traumas), but also a history
of conscious or unconscious choices about how best to soothe, contain or
avoid the emotional disturbance that has resulted from those experiences. In
this presentation, I will describe some specific methods of using bi-lateral
stimulation to assist clients in "disinvesting" from defensive processes,
particularly avoidance and idealization defenses, so that unresolved
traumatic material may become more accessable to standard EMDR processing

Topics: (6 CEU hours) Each hour a Different Video will illustrate the ideas being presented:

First hour– Working with ego states/dissociated parts within an Adaptive Information Processing therapy approach – three ways of using BLS  -- targeting defense -- the “loving eyes” method of targeting facilitating healing dialogue in a client with moderately dissociative Parts– comparison with other models of dissociation: the Theory of Structural Dissociation of the Personality and the Internal Family Systems model 

Second hour -- Targeting psychological defenses -- transcript examples of targeting avoidance defenses – Targeting urges with AIP methods –

Third hour – video example of treating an urge to smoke cigarettes

Forth hour – video example of targeting a behavioral “addiction:” procrastination

Fifth hour -- Video example of targeting avoidance defenses with AIP methods, with a client with dissociative symptoms

Sixth hour -- Video examples of targeting idealization defenses – idealization of another person – idealization of self

Jim Knipe, PhD, has been a licensed psychologist in private practice
in Colorado since 1976 and has been using EMDR since 1992. He
has written chapters for EMDR Casebook (PManfield, 2002), EMDR
Solutions, Vols I and II (RShapiro, 2005, 2007), Healing the Heart of
Trauma and Dissociation (CForgash & MCopeley, 2007),
EMDR Scripted Protocols: Special Populations(Luber, 2009), and EMDR
and Dissociation (Gonzoles &Mosquera, 2012). These writings have
described specific procedures that can be utilized to extend EMDR to
clients who present with self-defeating psychological defenses and/or
dissociative symptoms.

Dr. Knipe is an EMDR-HAP Trainer, an EMDRIA Approved Consultant
and Instructor, and was designated a “Master Clinician” by EMDRIA
in 2007. He was a Keynote speaker at the 2010 EMDRIA conference,
and was an invited guest speaker at the 2006 and 2007 EMDRIA
Annual Conferences, the 2006, 2008 and 2012 EMDR-Europe Annual
Conferences, the 2010 EMDR Asia Conference and national EMDR
conferences in Denmark, Germany, Scotland, Italy, Belgium, Sweden,
Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, and Japan. He has been involved
with the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Programs, serving on the
Board of Directors and as Research and Training Director, and has
also been involved in HAP programs in Oklahoma City, Turkey,
New York (following 9/11), the Palestinian Territories, Sri Lanka and
Indonesia. In addition, he is a co-author of published outcome research
documenting the effects of EMDR with survivors of 9/11 and with those
traumatized by the 1999 Marmara earthquake in Turkey.

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