N. California EMDRIA Regional Meeting
March 17, 2007 at Oakland's Preservation Park





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When EMDR Gets Stuck; How, Why and What To Do

Harriet Sage, MA, MFT

Presentation Description:

Program Abstract  -    Harriet Sage  -    March 17, 2007


This three hour workshop will address three important advanced EMDR issues:

(1) Exploring clinical and personal issues that arise for the therapist when using EMDR, (2) .Exploring when processing gets stuck or slowed down for the client when using EMDR,  and (3) Presenting some effective techniques for moving client’s  through the stuck or blocked processing.  Participants with only Level I training are also welcome and will find the workshop beneficial.


Program Objectives

(1)Participants will identify the therapist’s  personal and clinical areas of concern that inhibit the effective use of emdr with clients. 


(2)Participants will increase clinical understanding of how and why clients get stuck and developing greater confidence and expertise in managing these moments 


3) Participants will enhance their   repertoire of techniques for handling blocked or looped processing.




(1)  Introduction and

Part I Exploring personal and clinical issues that arise for the therapist when using EMDR  -      9- 10:00 (60 min)

a. identify emotional issues such as anxiety about integrating other forms of therapy with EMDR, perfectionism, fear of abreactions,

b. old habits from other forms of therapy

c. lack of knowledge and comfort with protocol which inhibits processing

d. counter transference issues

Group practice exercise – 10-10:30 (30 min)


BREAK  -  10:30- 10:45 (15 min)


(2) . Exploring some difficult  issues that can slow down processing with the client when using EMDR   --  10:45 –11:15 (30 min)

a.  chronic self-destructive, negative introjects

b. past therapeutic experiences

c. poor or diffused resources

d. undifferentiated ego states


(3)  Effective techniques for moving client’s through blocked or looping processing –11:15 – 11:45 (30 min)

a. working with ego states

b refining resources

c. techniques for looped or blocked processing

About Harriet Sage:

Harriet Sage is one of the pioneers of EMDR. She has lead our no-fee study group several times and the feedback from participants has been excellent. She facilitated at EMDR Institute trainings for a decade until leaving the Institute to provide facilitator support to independent trainers, including Laurel Parnell.  During her time at the Institute, she played a central role in developing a training program for EMDR facilitators, and personally trained facilitators in the US, Canada and Europe.  She is currently heading the EMDR HAP Project providing EMDR treatment to the staff of the SAGE Project, an organization of x-prostitutes helping working prostitutes to get off the streets and change their lives. (“Sage” also happens coincidentally to be Harriet’s last name.)






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