EMDR Mini-conference
pril 30 and May 1, 2005 at Oakland's Preservation Park

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EMDR and Aging

Ann Pagliaro, LCSW

Description of Presentation:

"EMDR and Aging" will cover the issues most prevalent in an elderly population, including loss, fear of dependence, and health concerns.

Issues of loss will encompass the many losses encountered as we age: loss of family/friends by death, loss of role inherent in family composition changes and retirement, loss of usual living quarters, and loss of social status in a world obsessed by youth.

Fear of dependence can also be viewed as a loss, the loss of independence, but will be looked at from the perspective of the traumatic events (both "t" and "T") precipitating dependence on others to meet basic needs and provide assistance with activities of daily living.

Health concerns are increasingly a focus of concern for the aged, not only in terms of the normal aging process and the physical challenges encountered, but the trauma involved in paying for health needs, obtaining the appropriate assistance, and realistically planning for the future.

All of these issues will be looked at from the perspective resolving the trauma, and how EMDR can be used to help process and resolve concerns. Emphasis will be on a clinical perspective, and several cases will be presented which illustrate issues especially relevant to the elderly client.



Ann is a licensed clinical social worker. For the past eight years, she has been working primarily with an elderly population. In her work at Rossmoor, a retirement community of 10,000 residents, she provides both individual, couple, and group psychotherapy in an on site counseling office.

Ann also has a private practice in Walnut Creek, again serving primarily an

aged population.

Ann was initially trained in EMDR in 2000, and has been using EMDR extensively both at the Rossmoor counseling office and in her private practice. Ann has been in a small consultation group with Phil Manfield, Ph.D. for the past three years, and has attended many EMDR specialty workshops on resource installation, attachment, and somatosensory protocols.


Educational goals:

1. Utilize Geriatric Scale of Recent Life Events in identifying issues especially

relevant to an elderly population

2. Distinguish between need to employ an affect bridge vs processing current trauma

3. Identify elderly clients at risk who need immediate intervention

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